The PARK is for students in 7th-12th grade. The PARK seeks to raise young believers as they grow in their love and knowledge of God. It is our hope that they will exemplify God's love and truth in their families, schools, and communities. We offer large group meetings on Saturday nights, weekly Bible studies, retreats, and mission trips to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and formation. We desire that students be prepared and equipped to share the love of Christ with the people in their lives.

During COVID, we are meeting on Zoom on Saturday nights at 7pm for games, Bible study, sharing, and prayer. For more information, please contact park@harvestirvine.org

 "Pastor Joe is an amazing youth pastor. He always intentionally makes an effort to develop meaningful connections with us and cares about our individual well-being."

"Pastor Joe makes me laugh! I am grateful that he cares about us and influences us to reflect God's love in our lives."

"Pastor Joe makes me ask questions that I would not  normally ask and enables me to see why God does certain things in people's lives. Despite the fact that we are separated physically during this time, I feel that he has brought all of us closer spiritually and together with God."